Biblical, Practical, Prophecy Training

Learn how to hear God's voice, how to be sure it's him, interpret what you hear effectively, and share it with confidence.

  • Lifestyle

    Get closer to God every day - even in the midst of your busy schedule!

  • Partner with Holy Spirit

    Cooperate with Holy Spirit, as you pray for others, just as Jesus did.

  • Understand what the Lord says

    Learn to interpret prophetic words and pictures, based on sound biblical principles.

  • Share prophecy with others

    Communicate what God is saying, safely and effectively.

Course curriculum

(Modules 2 - 4 coming soon!)

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Start Here!
    • How to use this course
    • Hello and Welcome
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    • Introduction: Why Prophesy?
    • Summary (Download)
    • Why I want to learn to prophesy better (we're all learning)
    • Why run the course? (A.K.A. Why should you listen to me?)
    • How God Can Speak - Examples
    • God is full of grace (there's a learning curve!)
    • The 4 Steps
    • The 4 Steps
    • What is prophecy?
    • Test your learning
  • 3
    Module 1: Talk
    • Intro: A Love Relationship
    • Calendar Download
    • The Importance Of Worship
    • Cultivating Closeness: A Lifestyle Of Listening
    • Just Ask! (+ Exercise)
    • Test your learning
  • 4
    Module 2: Tune In
    • Intro: Holy Spirit Is Key [Prophets And Prophetic Gifting]
    • God Is Always Speaking
    • How God Speaks
    • Barriers To Hearing God
    • Was It From God?
    • Exercise
    • Test your learning
  • 5
    Module 3: Translate
    • Intro: Mind, Spirit, and Holy Spirit
    • Questioning A Prophetic Word
    • Worked Examples
    • Seeking More Detail
    • Open or closed eyes for prayer ministry?
    • Exercise
    • Test your learning
  • 6
    Module 4: Tell
    • Intro: Communicating Effectively
    • How To Share A Prophetic Word
    • When To Share A Prophetic Word
    • When NOT To Share A Prophetic Word
    • Exercise
    • Test your learning
  • 7
    Bonus Module: Test
    • Intro: How To Help People Understand Prophetic Words
    • Facilitating Understanding: Open vs Closed Questions
    • Walking It Through
    • Dealing With Emotions
    • What Happens When Power Goes Out From Us
    • Final Hints
    • Test your learning
    • Exercises
  • 8
    Next steps
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Before you go...


One-off fee for full access, including future updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Here's the answer.

  • What is the 4 Steps Prophecy School?

    The 4 Steps Prophecy School is an interactive online training course, designed to help you learn how to use the gift of prophecy, safely and effectively.

  • How will the 4 Steps Prophecy School help me?

    The School will empower you with everything you need to operate in the spiritual gift of prophecy: From spending time in God's presence, so you can hear him more clearly, through to understanding and interpreting prophetic words and pictures, so you can share them with others, confidently.

  • What's included in the 4 Steps Prophecy School?

    The 4 Steps Prophecy School contains a mixture of videos, downloadable files and reading materials, split over 5 modules, each with multiple lessons. You'll also participate in quizzes and practical exercises, to consolidate your learning.

  • The curriculum looks a little short: where are the other modules?

    For the initial launch of the School, I want to keep participants on the same page, so I have published just the Welcome, Introduction and Module 1, to begin. Once the School opens officially, I will release further modules, a week at a time.

  • How much does 4 Steps Prophecy School cost?

    You can register your place on the School for a one-off fee of £30 (about $39). This includes full access to the course and all materials, as well as any updates I make to it, in the future. This is a special introductory price, which will increase after the initial launch. It took a lot of work to create the 4 Steps Prophecy School, and I think it represents excellent value!

  • What if I don't get on with the course? Do you offer any guarantees?

    I believe the Lord wants to bless you through the 4 Steps Prophecy School, and I'm confident that you will grow your gift of prophecy through it. However, I also recognise that it may not suit everyone. Therefore, if you are not 100% satisfied with the course, then you may contact me within 14 days of purchase, to obtain a full refund.

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